Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flow of absolute

The realm divine sign theses for consumption/irruption upon modern ways of thinking/the swing of my pen leaves your favorite icon leaking/rapper theologian, whatever you want to call it/it not me just a by product without profit/the origin of this species naturally selects/the likes of MCs to check and dissect/called the elect with weapons that existentially redirect/souls to the origins and ponder if they are even souls at all/march around yo' femine walls and wait for jericho to fall/plaster judith plaskow on the mental over a heavy instrumental/subtract james cone for good measure, now central/with a thesis of nothingness like snapshots of Zizek and Walter Benjamin texts at a birds eye/i/psychoanalyse my lines and fabricate associations for what lies behind/it don't just sound good, its food for the soul/master slave dialectic where I move and take control/future process realities til the technology refigures chromosomes and restores flesh to Whitehead's bones/fuck it im human/ghoulish to useless humans losin the true shit and rhymin foolish/RZA told you to leave the Dr. Seuss behind/Now when that stlye presents itself he's the first in line/well what I tell you about icons/the church told you about icons/contrast, my words bite with the hiss of a snake like the sound of sprayed krylon/the color's multi/like the syllables i overspoil the track with/ball out the park in battle like 9th inning/return, the modern scribe's just beginning...

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